Perceiving Personalities in the Urban Form – Genoa

Throughout the course of the master planning project it was found that Genoa had a severe issue (more so than other Italian cities) with segregation of different populations. A city is only a city due to its people rather than its structures, environment or industry. The projects focus was to deliver a new area of Genoa within itself that reflected this people-centric value and to combat the population segregation that currently exists.

PERSONALITY – The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.

Through study of Carl Jungs personalities (Feeling, Thinking, Intuitive and Sensor) different architectural styles were isolated that corresponded to personable traits. By defining architecturally successful areas of Genoa and studying their ‘personalities’ it was thought that a successful collage of the city could be created elsewhere. The chosen site sits in an industrialised area of the city with poor pedestrian access and a choking of the main city monument, the lighthouse (Lanterna). The new masterplan aims to introduce greenery back into the city centre, encourage pedestrian movement, offer a mixing space for differing personalities and reduce reliance upon motor vehicles.

Design by Ross Whittle, Adam Dwyer & Harry Foster.