Returning the Library to Prominence

The project called for me to look at the book as a precious object, times are changing and the paperbacks future is being questioned. I looked at the creation of the book and was particularly interested in self publication and the strict regimes that writers adhered to. Key aspects of the project included the route (to be used as a ‘thinking path’), the writers carrels (to isolate the writer) and the book storage. The project glorified the library as a centre for knowledge, its aim was to draw the masses back and encourage them to embrace the physical written word.

I attempted to make the most of the views that are available from the site; both Cathedrals, the Three Graces and the River Mersey can all be seen from the upper levels of the building. The project takes advantage of these impressive surroundings. Inspiration was therefore drawn from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin, designed by Rem Koolhaas, this building uses the journey to allow you to explore the vistas available.