A Space for the Production of Stop Motion Animation

The project explores a space for the creation of Stop Motion Animation. It offers four separate structures each conducive to a differing branch within the industry, each structure provides either studio, administration, manufacturing or design space suitable for the internal activities. Focus has been paid to the crafted approach to architecture and the way in which well-conceived built form can be translated into actual structure. Rather than acting as a foreign object on the site the project brings together local materiality and building typologies to generate a suitable aesthetic.

Stop Motion Animation refers to the process of taking inanimate objects and bringing them to life through cinematography. This project looks at the relationship between architecture and that definition of stop motion animation. In designing for a stop motion animation company efforts have been directed away from creating a literal representation of the values of stop motion animation (still frames and frozen objects). Instead focus has been directed to creating a project which looks at the inherent values of stop motion, craft, lighting and framed views.

The project brought together both the upper and lower portions of the site linking them with a pedestrian route down the old city wall. The four structures also continue a local typology of ‘objects along the wall’ and in their positioning they create a series of spaces which offer both public facing and privatised outdoor areas.