A Building to House the Performers of Liverpool

Every city, including Liverpool is awash with street performers, for most of these people their livelihood depends on the goodwill of passers-by. The Shakespearean Mediatheque project aimed to turn this scenario on its head. By bringing the people to the performers, with the promise of a good show, there could be a thriving dramatic community in the less visited areas of the city.

The site is situated at the South end of Pilgrim Street opposite the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. The street is situated in-between both of Liverpool’s Cathedrals and acts as a thoroughfare for church goers, hence the name, Pilgrim Street. The building has an East facing façade and so maximizes the amount of natural light entering in. One of the key features of the project is that a large portion of the building moves out onto the street, this enables performers to use  all three floors as a stage or the whole external street space.