Extending the City – Hamburg

As a port city, located nearly 50 miles from the entrance to the North Sea, Hamburg relies heavily on the Elbe – the main waterway through northern Germany. As a city, an analysis of its architectural heritage would point to both war and importation as defining influences both historically and in recent times. In recent years Hamburg has (and is still) undergoing large swathes of development in the HafenCity area on the northern side of the Elbe. As a group we identified that the southern side of the Elbe is limited in its scope for residential development and so the ‘Veddel’ site was selected. At the time of the projects inception Hamburgs 2024 Olympic bid was still going ahead and so the area was selected and designed based upon that assumption. The project is a contemporary vision for a whole redesign of an industrialised area.

Design by Ross Whittle, Jon Sharma & Michael Bates-Tracey.