Restoration Project for a Fashion Boutique

The fashion industry is always changing, much like the architectural industry. These two artistic mediums often influence and coincide with each other, there has never been a need, until now, for them to work this closely. The next Architectural step will be towards sustainability, where building design must first focus on the goal of carbon neutral or even negative.

Sustainability can come in many forms, one way is to reuse and recycle. High end fashion designers such as Gary Harvey and Christopher Raeburn have already created collections from recycled materials. Although these works weren’t well publicised, they didn’t go unnoticed and companies around the world have since started making clothes, bags, shoes, etc from recycled materials in a process called upcycling.

Upcycling – To reuse an object or materials to create a product of higher value or quality than the original object or materials.

Initially I was paired with a student studying fashion, the project was inspired by her upcycled dress and she acted as a client throughout. The site was chosen by myself and was situated on a row of 1830’s Georgian Terraces, the only remaining wall of ‘my’ terrace was the façade which faced the main road. The design was therefore themed around the upcycling of this dilapidated building, meetings with both my tutor and the fashion student helped to develop the project into a pragmatic end result.