A Power Station of the Future

Liverpool has had a long standing relationship with its rail network, it was both the dockland and the rail network that allowed Liverpool to expand massively in the 19th and 20th century’s, since the 1970’s Liverpool hasn’t been the same.

The project initially allowed us as a group to highlight several key factors that we thought would be seen in a ‘future city’. We proposed a sea level rise of 1-2 metres, nationwide energy shortages and global unemployment. The goal was to see Liverpool rise to the industrial leader it once was. Each member of the group took a different angle but each project relied heavily on the coast/dockland.

My project envisaged a future where hydrogen was the lifeblood of the UK, excess renewable grid energy would power hydrogen production in 32 electrolysis chambers. Hydrogen, unlike electricity, can be stored and then used when there are peaks in the grid needs. The ‘power station’ would be the first of many seen along the British coast and would act as an attractive proof of concept.